Back to Basics - Burial Vaults with Dan Welzenbach and Mike Nash

The outer burial container has become the most intangible selection a family will make when making burial arrangements for a loved one.  After selecting the container, they will not see it until they arrive at the cemetery.  At that point, the vital role the container plays and its peace of mind is temporarily obscured.
In this presentation, we will provide an overview of outer burial containers and their role in the interment process.  It will review the details of how they are manufactured, delivered, and installed within the grave at the cemetery.  Additionally, we will also share some tips on merchandising information, especially virtually with the simpliFi® program, and what we can do to help personalize the graveside service with the Treasured Tributes program.
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Better Communications with Families presented by Wayne Stellmach

Communicating with families during arrangements is a challenge on several fronts: the emotional state of families, distractions such as cell phones and email, and the different learning styles of family members.  However, it is vital to educate families about outer burial containers so that they can make knowledgeable decisions.  This course presents research on families’ knowledge of OBCs; three basic learning styles that people have; how people evaluate major purchases; and how to engage and communicate with all of the learning styles in the presentation of burial vault information.

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Cemetery Development for Cremation with Mike Forbes

As more people choose cremation, today’s funeral professionals need to be prepared to provide or suggest options for final disposition. Rather than leave cremated remains to a surviving family member or friend, it is our duty as funeral professionals to educate and help people to make their wishes known so that cremains don’t end up on the closet shelf, or left in storage unit. What are some other choices available today and what are the benefits of these choices?

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