Webinar_recordingSimpliFi-Logo-B-tnt-TMWilbert's simpliFi program makes the outer burial container presentation simple for funeral professionals to present...and simple for families to understand.

An improved sales mix has also been experienced by funeral homes using the simpliFi presentation method. Why? Because families who better understand the differences between unlined graveboxes and lined burial vaults will more often select burial vaults over unlined OBCs. Families also learn how they can use the burial vault to create a treasured tribute to their loved one and are more apt to choose personalization along with graveside services.

How does simpliFi work?

Using two simple tools - an educational video and a table graphic - you can present OBC basics and various options to families within minutes.  Your Wilbert Licensee will provide you with a simple script that will not overwhelm families while giving them what they need to know to make an informed choice.



Utlizing Wilbert's simpliFi program, two different approaches are available:
  • Version 1 takes the family completely through the simpliFi burial vault presentation from beginning to end in a 3-minute video, after which the Funeral Professional steps in to answer questions, provide options, and address pricing.  This version resides at

  • Version 2 allows the Funeral Professional to guide the family through the burial vault selection process by using the "Funeral Professional Guide" that is part of the simpliFi presentation program.  Following the guide along with showing the family the "Outer Burial Container Choices" graphic and the educational video, the Funeral Professional can interact more with the family as they learn about OBC options and make their selection.  This version resides at

What do Funeral Professionals think of simpliFi?

We have heard very positive comments from Funeral Professionals who are using simpliFi.  Even those who have been in funeral service for decades express enthusiasm for simpliFi in that it works extremely well in educating families and simplifying the presentation. Plus it has been proven to move families from choosing unlined graveboxes to lined burial vaults once they understand the limited protection of a gravebox.

How to get started

Call your Wilbert Licensee for a simpliFi demo!  Or simply fill out the form below.  It's as simple as that!


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