Wilbert Licensee Role



Your local Wilbert Licensee is essentially an extension of you, particularly when it pertains to the service at the cemetery. To the family, there is no differentiation and we take this very seriously. Clean tents. Sufficient chairs. Crisp greens. Neat and respectful customer service reps (CSRs). And of course, the vault in place on a polished lowering device and the vault cover displayed with dignity.

Wilbert’s mission is to help commemorate life with respect. Nowhere is this more evident than at the gravesite. Whether a traditional casket burial or a cremation burial, your Wilbert Licensee has the equipment for a complete and dignified set-up, such as a memory table surrounding a cremation vault and urn, or a WilbertWay Ovation device where allowed. At the conclusion of the service, the family may choose to stay for the sealing of the vault and the lowering into the ground, carried out to sharp detail by the Wilbert CSR.

Talk to your Wilbert Licensee about their graveside and cemetery services.

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