Cremation Services: Graveside or Niche-side


Cremation Burial Services

Many cremation families choose burial as the final place of rest for their loved one’s cremated remains and desire a final service at the graveside. This committal service is frequently said by families and friends to be a very rewarding experience that helps them begin the healing process.  It is incumbent upon funeral professionals to assist the family in any way they can in arranging a meaningful cremation graveside service - and your Wilbert Provider can help you personalize and set up a service.


To also help you, Wilbert has developed an educational video for families called The Value of a Committal Service which you link to your website or download. While this video uses traditional burial images, the messages and ideas are just as pertinent to cremation burials.

We also have a second video that speaks to your role as a funeral professional in emboldening families to “go the distance” in accompanying their dead to their final resting place – watch it here.

Cremation Niche Services


When families choose niche placement as the final resting place for their loved one, your local Wilbert Provider can assist in setting up personalized niche-side services for a special treasured tribute prior to inurnment.

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