Commemorating Life

One of the most important issues when a loved one dies is how he or she should be memorialized – both during the service as well as permanently.


Memorialization during the service

Commemoration during the service takes many forms, as unique as the person being remembered.  Photo boards, personal items, favorite music and story-sharing are just a few examples. 

graveside committal service is also chosen by many families as a meaningful tribute and final farewell to a loved one.  An option for both casket burial and cremation urn burial, the committal service can likewise be highly personalized.  In addition to photos, music, personal memories and such, even the burial vault cover can be personalized with photos and other expressive symbols and displayed at the service.  Watch this video to learn more about committal services.  


Permanent Memorialization

The most fundamental memorialization choice is the final resting place for your loved one. 

Traditional burial or crypt placement provides a permanent place where family and friends can visit and connect spiritually and emotionally.  For cremation, burial of the remains is a popular choice as well, allowing a permanent place of memorialization.  Another choice that provides a permanent place is columbarium or niche placement. 

Of course, cremation provides other final disposition choices as well, primarily home placement or scattering.  However, these options may not satisfy the desire of other family members or future generations for a place to visit, so careful consideration is recommended.  Nonetheless, if you do choose either of these options, the need for other family members to memorialize your loved ones may be met with memorial jewelry, mementos or other keepsakes.


Memorial Jewelry & Keepsakes

A truly meaningful way of holding memories of your loved one close to your heart is with memorial jewelry.  From bracelets to pendants, many pieces can hold a lock of hair or a portion of cremated remains.  Browse the jewelry collection.

Memorial keepsakes range from miniature urns to heart mementos that may be engraved and may hold cremated remains, a lock of hair, or even small treasured items.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime

A life story is so much more than big's also about the small moments...the life experiences...values and lessons learned. Having the talk of a lifetime with your loved ones not only conveys what's important to you, it also lets you know what is important to them. Not only is this a richly satisfying experience, it can also form the foundation for a memorialization with meaning when the inevitable time comes.

Watch this video for ideas on how to Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

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