Our Mission


Commemorating Life with Respect

More than our tagline, Commemorating Life with Respect is the essence of what we do at Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. Our products and our services revolve around helping families commemorate their loved ones in a meaningful, reverential manner.

Watch the video on how Wilbert helps commemorate life with respect


If you think bI16-Waldheim-WW-SST_Gravside_CUSTOMack on the most memorable funeral services you’ve attended, they were likely filled with personalized memories and stories, photos, music and/or mementos that reflected the person’s life.  This personalization can even be extended to the burial vault with photo collages or special symbols on the vault cover that is displayed at the graveside.  Waldheim41-Crem-Mom3kids

Cremation services can also include a meaningful graveside service when the cremated remains are being buried.  A personalized urn vault can be the central part of the display, surrounded by photos and personal items that reflect a loved one.

Yet even beyond the personalization possibilities of Wilbert products is the service aspect provided by the local Wilbert Licensee.  From the front-line Customer Service Reps who deliver and set up the vault, tent and chairs at the graveside – and even seal and lower the vault – to the office personnel and sales reps who make sure that the products are ready when they need to be, to the factory personnel putting every detail in place, the focus is firmly on helping families commemorate life with respect.

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