Role of the Funeral Professional


Your Funeral Professional is there to offer guidance and address your questions and concerns about the funeral process during a most difficult time. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions to be sure you know your options and understand the process – your Funeral Professional is trained to not only help you with arrangements, but also an advisor and supporter during your time of grief. He or she can assist you in coping with death and can even recommend sources of professional help.

Specifically relating to arrangement details, your Funeral Professional helps you with:

  • Reviewing the deceased’s personal information to complete the death certificate and prepare the obituary
  • Fulfilling the deceased’s wishes
  • Notifying newspapers, friends and family of the funeral
  • Identifying all benefits rightly due your family
  • Choosing an appropriate burial receptacle
  • Determining the time, place and type of visitation
  • Seeing all funeral arrangements through to a peaceful, satisfying conclusion
  • Provide you with death certificates for insurance companies, banks, Social Security, etc.
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