04/18/2024  A Business Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Workplace with Darrell Kendall REGISTER

05/02/2024 Teamwork Through Crisis with Charlie Hunter REGISTER

05/16/2024 The Information Race: Who's Fastest? Us or the Consumer? with Doug Gober REGISTER

05/30/2024 A National Shrine - Arlington National Cemetery REGISTER


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  • WilbertEDU is approved in Georiga effective January 2024.

Continuing Education Certificates

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Past Sessions


04/04/2024 Focus on the OSHA Bloodborn Pathogens Standard with Paul Conrad

03/21/2024 Tender Hearts: Nurturing Children and Families Through Grief with Conor Dawley

03/07/2024 How to Compete on Service in a Price Senstive Market with Danielle Burmeister

02/22/2024 Cranial Care of the Postmortem Brain Donor with Sharon Gee-Mascarello

02/08/2024 A Century of Caring: Navigating Family Dynamics, Grief and Marketing in the Death Care Industry with Kevin O'Connor

01/25/2024 Formaldehyde, the Funeral Rule, and the Future of the Workforce with Jzyk Ennis



12/14/2023 Handling Fetal Remains in the Wake of the Dobbs Decision, Part II with Wendy Wiener & Lauren Pettine

11/30/2023 Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations with Danielle R. Wilk

11/09/2023 What's New at the FTC? with Poul Lemasters

10/28/2023 8 Pillars of Wellness with David Edwards

10/12/2023 Is State Regulatory Law It? with Don Ferfolia, Jr. 

09/28/2023 Indentification and Chain of Custody: It's no longer an option, it's an obligation with Larry Stuart, Jr.

09/14/2023 Should Cremated Remains Rest in Peace? Part 2: Who Makes That Decision? with Barbara Kemmis & Brie Bingham

08/31/2023 Current Issues Facing Funeral Service with Chris Farmer

08/17/2023 The Moral Dilemma with Preneed with Kenn Peterson

08/03/2023 Funeral Service and Young Families: What You Need to Know with Jenny Lisk

07/20/2023 Value Based Client Engagement with Mark Evans

07/06/2023 Embracing the DIY Consumer with Lacy Robinson

06/22/2023 Treating Discolorations with Rick Rork

06/08/2023 Rosenacker & Associates Talks Mergers & Acquisitions with Frank Rosenacker, Ann Rosenacker & Sue Gilkey

05/25/2023 Ritual, Community, Catharsis; the Future of Funeral Service in the 21st Century with Paddy Lynch

05/11/2023 Digital Marketing for Deathcare Companies with Ryan Thogmartin

04/27/2023 How Funeral Directors Need to K.I.S.S. with Customer Experience with Kari Northey

04/13/2023 Bloom Where You Are Planted with Glenda Stansbury

03/30/2023 How is Hospice Changing Funeral Service with Kim Medici Shelquist

03/16/2023 Handling Fetal Remains in the Wake of the Dobbs Decision with Wendy Wiener and Lauren Pettine

03/02/2023 The VA Triangle with Don Ferfolia

02/16/2023 Embalming Unknowns with David Hicks

02/02/2023 When Helping Them is Hurting Us with David R. Edwards

01/19/2023 One Block West of the White House, the story of Joseph Gawler's Sons with Duane E. Hills


12/15/2022 Embalming Liability - Traditional Disposition and Non-Traditional Lawsuits with Poul Lemasters

12/01/2022 ABC's of Shipping Cremated Remains with Angie Berwald and Kahlen Knapik

11/10/2022 Simple Actions to Take Control of Your Website with Curtis Funk

10/27/2022 Estate and Succession Planning with Frank Rosenacker, Sue Gilkey, and Ann Rosenacker

10/13/2022 Trends in Cremation Memorialization with Jennifer Werthman

09/29/2022 Call Etiquette for the Death Care Profession: Creating Customer EXPERIENCES with Nicole Wiedeman

09/15/2022 The State of Pre-Need with Don Ferfolia

09/01/2022 The Wolf's Curse: Grief in Children's Literature with Jessica Vitalis

08/18/2022 Details Matter: Are We Paying Attention with Melissa Posey Loose

07/21/2022 Line of Duty Death: Funeral Honors & Protocols with Daniel Foley

07/07/2022 Become the Brand Customers Cannot Live Without with Mark Busch

06/23/2022 Embalming the Edematous Case with Rick Rork

06/09/2022 Staying Relevant in the Age of Cremation with Larry Stuart, Jr.

05/27/2022 We Have Your Data: Ransomware and Cyber Security in Deathcare with Poul Lemasters

05/12/2022 The Value of a Clinical Case Report in Embalming Litigation Cases with Jzyk Ennis

04/28/2022 Ceremonies for Today with Glenda Stansbury

04/14/2022 Starting from Scratch with Doug Gober

03/31/2022 It Begins with You and Your Staff with Kari Northey

03/17/2022 Securing Digital Legacies with Andy Lopez

03/03/2022 The Science of Selling: How to Set Your Selection Room to Sell with Kizer & Bender

02/17/2022 British Funeral Customs with David Hicks

02/03/2022 OSHA Compliance with Paul Conrad

01/20/2022 Call Etiquette for the Death Care Profession with Nicole Wiedeman


12/16/2021 Probate and the Funeral Director with Don Ferfolia

12/02/2021 Funeral Ethics and Law with Poul Lemasters

11/18/2021 Self-Connect to Reconnect with Linda Stuart

11/04/2011 The Importance of the Graveside Service with Patrick Lynch

10/21/2021 Embalming the Jaundice Case with Rick Rork

10/07/2021 The Three Omegas with Mike Nash, Mike Forbes & Craig Neal

09/23/2021 Cremation Liability with Frank Rosenacker

09/09/2021 The Devil's in the Details with Doug Gober

08/26/2021 The Obituary with John Heald

08/12/2021 Renal Failure with Jzyk Ennis

07/29/2021 When a Child Dies with David Kessler

07/15/2021 The Answer is in the Numbers with Barbara Kemmis

07/01/2021 Video and Photo: Tell Your Story the Right Way with Jon O'Hara

06/17/2021 Good People, Unethical Choices with Lance Ray

06/03/2021 The Grief Work of Children with Mark Bartel

05/20/2021 Post Embalming Treatments with David Hicks

05/06-2021 Mindset Matters with Mark Panciera

04/22/2021 Better Communications with Families with Wayne Stellmach

04/20/2021 FEMA Funeral Assistance Program (non-credit event)

04/08/2021 Death by Suicide with David Kessler

03/18/2021 Connecting the Dots with Jon O'Hara

03/04/2021 Back to Basics: Burial Vaults with Dan Welzenbach and Mike Nash

02/18/2021 Understanding Cremation Motivations with Pam Kleese

02/04/2021 Embalming Using the RCI Method with David Hicks

01/21/2021 Survival Skills During & Post Pandemic with John McQueen



12/17/2020 Digging Into Disinterment & Other Cemetery Issues with Poul Lemasters

12/10/2020 Cemetery Development for Cremation with Mike Forbes

12/03/2020 Cremation and Connection Through Ceremony with Linda Stuart

11/19/2020 Children, Death & Funerals with Patrick Jenkins

11/12/2020 4 P's of Success with John McQueen

11/05/2020 Time Management with Lance Ray



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