Today’s consumers engage strongly with videos and the educational power of video is outstanding. We offer complimentary videos – all with an objective point of view – that will help your families understand product and service options.

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A committal service is an essential part of the healing process and has been described by families as a rewarding, memorable experience that helped them honor their loved one and say good-bye. Applying to both traditional burial and cremation, this video is perhaps the most helpful for families to view from your website before they arrive for the conference.

Link: The Value of a Committal Service

2-minute overview of what a burial vault is and personalization options that are available on many vaults.

Link: An Educated Selection: Burial Vaults






This addresses many common questions that families have regarding burial vaults, such as why they are required and the benefits they provide.

Link: Why Families Choose a Burial Vault (English)

Link: Why Families Choose a Burial Vault (Spanish)

Link: Why Families Choose a Burial Vault (Canadian-French)

Once families are ready to choose the burial vault, this video outlines the differences in construction and types of Wilbert burial vaults as well as various personalization options available to enhance the committal service experience.

Link: Selecting a Burial Vault

In just over 2 minutes, learn about key choices to consider regarding cremation, including the type of service desired and the final placement of a loved one.

Link: Cremation Education

This video outlines the choices and consideration for final placement of the cremated remains and introduces options for sharing and memorializing.

Link: Cremation: Final Placement Choices

Many families are unaware of the possible options for services when choosing cremation. This video describes the most common cremation services and provides a good basis for discussion with the funeral professional.

Link: Cremation: Service Options

This video combines "Final Placement Choices" and "Service Options" into one video, providing a single comprehensive video (running time is 5:37).

Link: Cremation Choices


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