What We Do

What We Do


The critical partnership of Wilbert & its Licensees

Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. (WFSI) develops burial vault technology and fabrication standards, licensing the manufacturing of the burial vaults to a network of nearly 200 Licensees throughout the United States and Canada.  To ensure Wilbert’s rigorous standards are met, a team of field service engineers visit and inspect all Licensees on a regular basis.  Our inspection standards are the most stringent in the industry and cover vault manufacturing specifications and procedures as well as service standards.

WFSI also provides cremation urns, mementos, keepsake jewelry and other memorialization products, sold and supported through its Licensee network.

Wilbert Licensees manufacture the burial vaults and provide delivery and set-up services at the gravesite.  Gravesite service can include set-up of a tent, chairs and grass covering (greens) for a comfortable, dignified service along with equipment to seal the vault aboveground and lower it into the grave.

There are three tiers of service levels attainable by Licensees based on a scoring system of inspection standards, the highest being Ultimate Service Provider.  To achieve Ultimate Service Provider (USP) status, Licensees must receive at least 8 points out of 10 in each and every one of the categories that are scored.

However, even the basic service level ensures the highest-quality burial vault built to the exacting standards established by Wilbert Funeral Services.  And each Wilbert Licensee backs that up with attentive service to funeral professionals - and ultimately, families. 

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