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Cremation Urns-Glass


Graceful, highly-detailed urn designs by talented artisans with a passion for quality. Exquisite choices offer singular hand-crafted designs and new visions of traditional concepts to please a wide range of tastes and styles.

Karine Bouchard Spring Urn

Karine Bouchard - Spring Urn
Green hand-blown glass

Item Number: P5000

Karine Bouchard  Summer Urn

Karine Bouchard - Summer Urn
Pink hand-blown glass

Item Number: P5001

Karine Bouchard Autumn Urn

Karine Bouchard - Autumn Urn
Amber hand-blown glass

Item Number: P5002

Karine Bouchard Winter Urn

Karine Bouchard - Winter Urn
White hand-blown glass

Item Number: P5003

Karine Bouchard Sapphire Seas Urn

Karine Bouchard - Sapphire Seas™ Urn
Cobalt blue hand-blown glass

Item Number: P612

Crystal Meadow Urn

Crystal Meadow™ Urn
Hand-made 24% lead double-cased color-crystal

Item Number: P5010

Crystal Lily Urn

Crystal Lily™ Urn
24% lead double-cased color-crystal

Item Number: P5009

Crystal Lily Azure Blue Urn

Crystal Lily™ Azure Blue Urn
24% lead double-cased color-crystal

Item Number: P5080

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