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Premium Protection

Burial Vaults-Premium Protection

Premium Protection

Wilbert's premium burial vaults provide excellent durability with superior long-lasting protection against subsoil elements and the weight of heavy cemetery maintenance equipment. The Wilbert Bronze® provides ultimate triple-reinforced protection. The Bronze Triune® and Copper Triune® vaults provide double-reinforced protection.

All premium protection products can be personalized with Wilbert Legacy Series™ prints, Wilbert Legacy Custom Series™ prints, Life’s Reflections® appliqués, or Life Expressions® emblems.

Also available on some vaults is a Memorialization Plus™ capsule which stores a personal message to the loved one and an identification scroll in the carapace. Check with your funeral professional on the availability of this feature.

The Wilbert Bronze Burial Vault-Premium Protection

The Wilbert Bronze®
Triple-reinforced protection

Item Number: The Wilbert Bronze

Bronze Triune Burial Vault-Premium Protection

Bronze Triune®
Double-reinforced protection

Item Number: Bronze Triune

 Copper Triune Burial Vault-Premium Protection

Copper Triune®
Double-reinforced protection

Item Number: Copper Triune

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