What is it?

Analyze and understand customer sales patterns. Generate graphs and charts that easily identify customer product mix. Then use this information to provide your customers with value-added data to help them manage and improve their business. Raceway versions, release dates & details

Download/Install Raceway (please first read Installation Prep, below)

Installation Prep

Pre-requisites for installing Raceway: Laptop/Desktop running Windows 98 or higher. For efficiency, account packages should supply Raceway with data. Data entered by hand doubles the work if an accounting package already exists. All modern day accounting packages have export features.

Raceway needs five pieces of information (i.e. fields/columns):

1) Profile ID - unique text field - maximum 15 characters
2) Profile Name - text field - maximum 50 characters
3) Product Code - unique text field - maximum 30 characters
4) Date of Sale - dd/mm/yyyy format
5) Number of Units Sold - text - number

The export can be in one of the following formats:

  • Text file (*.txt)
  • CSV file (comma separated variable, *.csv)
  • Excel spreadshhet (can be converted to a CSV file)

QuickBooks Users

Probably the most common accounting package among Raceway users. Potential Raceway users who are using QuickBooks can modify the Sales Report - Sales by Customer - Details Report using the following fields: Name, Account#, Data, Item, Qty.

PeachTree Users

The second most common accounting package amongst Raceway users. We have plenty of Raceway users who currently export from Peachtree. The steps below create an export file from PeachTree for import into Raceway6.5 and Raceway7.0:

  • Click File from the top Menu Bar
  • Click/Highlight Import/Export - an Import/Export panel will appear
  • Click/Highlight Accounts Receivable Icon
  • Click/Highlight Sales Journal Icon (may have a customized name other than Sales Journal)
  • Click Export Button a panel will appear containing three TABS Filter, Layout and Options
  • Click the Layout tab
  • Click the Deselect All Button
  • Click/Check the following fields in the Show column:
    • Customer ID/Profile ID
    • Customer Name/Profile Name
    • Item ID/Product Code
    • Date/Date of Sale
    • Quantity/Number of Units Sold
  • Click the Options tab
  • Click the Import/Export File button. This will bring up the familiar file browser.
  • Browse to C:\data\Raceway\Export (the Export folder may need to be created, which can be done in the browser)
  • Take the default name SALES.CSV
  • Check the checkbox Overwrite Without Asking or whatever checkbox is appropriate
  • Subsequent exports should rename the file to something relevant i.e. SALESJan07toMay08.csv
  • Click the OK button to run the export. Once completed the file is now ready for importing into Raceway. The Save button saves the export settings to a template for later use.

CounterPoint Users

We currently have two Raceway users using CounterPoint account software.
UPDATE - One user deemed CounterPoint economically unfeasible (i.e. paying consultants) and has since converted to QuickBooks.

Homegrown Accounting Packages

We have several Raceway users who export data from their custom written accounting packages on machines as big as an IBM AS400. Any software that can export a text file or csv file.

Questions or Installation Assistance

Trinh Huynh, IT Manager

Barry Rosenberg, Network Engineer

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