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Wilbert ESPTM is an acronym for Educated Selection Process. 

It is a cloud application that provides funeral professionals with a program that guides a family through the process of choosing a burial vault and the personalization options available for the chosen unit.


How Wilbert ESP Works

The Education portion begins with several slides that are reviewed with the family by the funeral professional.  A brief video further detailing the role of a burial vault and introducing personalization options is then viewed.ESP_Carousel

The Selection Process helps the funeral professional guide the familiy through choosing the burial vault and any desired personalization, including vault color. All of this is displayed in a user-friendly design that allows scrolling through the vault models to see each vault, its specifications, and its retail cost.

Throughout the process, a photo of the deceased may be displayed at the top of the screen for a highly-personalized experience. Details of the service such as date, time and cemetery may be entered for at-need arrangements, all of which are transmitted to the Wilbert Licensee. If service details are not known - or it is a pre-need arrangement - this information can be entered at a later date by retrieving the case number.

Funeral Establishment Customization
Wilbert ESP is YOUR program, customized with your name on the screens, showing your specific vault models and your retail pricing.  You can use the application for both at-need and pre-need situations.  You determine Wilbert ESP users at your firm and which individuals receive email notifications when arrangements have been made.  You can even pull useful management reports, giving you visibility into key indicators.

The Advantages of a Cloud-Based ApplicationESP_Conf_Room

Wilbert ESP can be accessed on virtually any computer, tablet or other device with Internet connectivity.  Existing electronic arrangement rooms need only access the website.  However, for traditional selection rooms, there are options available for 

slatwall-mounted or kiosk-mounted touchscreen tablets.  Your Wilbert Licensee can help you sort through alternatives.

No Cost & Quick SetUp
There is no cost for the application and it is easy to get your firm set up to use the Wilbert Educated Selection Process.  Call your Wilbert Provider to see a demo and to get started with your customized program. 


Item Description

(Note: you will need to first get set up through your Wilbert Licensee
before you can access the website.)

Funeral Establishment User's Guide

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Funeral Establishment Video Tutorials 


Password: ESP

Video: What is Wilbert ESP Click here to view the Wilbert ESP video


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