Customized Cremation Packages Help Families

Customized Cremation Packages Help Families

Cremation doesn’t necessarily mean giving short shrift to memorialization and tribute of a loved one.  Families generally want some sort of memorial service and appreciate understanding their options when it comes to service packages.  Wilbert’s Commemorations program gives you a way to create and present your own cremation packages in an attractive, customized brochure.

Build three packages – for example:

  1. A complete package with a viewing, transportation, service, cremation and urn
  2. A remembrance service without a visitation
  3. A package inclusive of a graveside service

Add your facility name, address, phone, website, and if you like, even your logo.

Build the separate price page – also customized with your name.

Work with your Wilbert Licensee on quantities you need and you’ll soon have a pre-packaged cremation program that will help your families commemorate life with respect.

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