Last Updated January 11, 2021, 8:00 AM CST

The COVID-19 vaccines have arrived. The federal government decided to let the individual states determine the method of distribution and prioritization of access.

The situation is evolving on a daily basis, and each state (even some individual counties) have different rules and procedures for determining who may access the vaccine in what order.

In some states, funeral service industry workers are automatically included in the initial phase of access along with frontline health care workers; in others, access requires the employer to register employees in a database before they can go to the distribution site; and in some states, like Kansas, funeral industry workers are simply not included in the first wave.

The following information is intended to assist you, your staff, and your customers in accessing the COVID-19 vaccine. We do not have complete information for every state, yet as many of their sites are down or incomplete. We will provide updates as we know more.

States that require employers to register:

  • For WFSI employees, HR is working on this and will inform your location when it is complete.
  • For Licensees, visit your State Health Department website to determine is the employer can register for employees. This is only applicable in some states.

States that require self-registration:

  • WFSI employees and Licensees, a link to each State’s health department website is provided.

States that require proof of status as an essential worker:

  • For WFSI employees, a letter will be provided to each employee identifying you as an employee of WFSI that can be used with your driver's license to prove you are a funeral service industry employee. A sample is provided in the Resources section. Individual letters will be distributed through your manager in the coming days. 
  • For Licensees, a copy of the WFSI letter is available in the Resource section so you can create a similar letter on your company letterhead.

States where WFSI employees do not yet have access:

  • We are working with the firm that provides our annual flu shots to organize a mobile deployment option as soon as possible.

States that have open access:

  • WFSI employees and Licensees, the Covid Vaccine Rollout by State, available in the Resource section, provides links in the worksheet showing where the vaccine can be accessed. This file will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Some additional notes:

  • Some locations are finding that they have extra vaccines and are offering them to the next “tier” so feel free to check your local facility for availability.
  • Some locations are limiting access based on company position with more access granted to folks closer to the “frontline”. 
  • The vaccine should be free, but some locations are charging for administering it. WFSI will pay for these administration expenses for all WFSI employees and anyone participating in our health insurance.


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